Sadiq Ali

Sadiq Ali graduated from the University of Hartford (Connecticut) in 1976 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education. In 1996, he was inducted into the college’s Alumni’s Athletic Hall of Fame for high achievement as the school’s basketball player. In 1986, He received a Master in Science Degree in Education from Central Connecticut State University.

In September, 1976, Mr. Ali served as teacher for Project Total, an alternative high school education program which was sponsored by the Greater Hartford Urban League. In September of 1978, he became a teacher for Hartford Public Schools. Throughout his 34 year career with Hartford schools, Mr. Ali became specialized in teaching History, literacy development through utilization of content, teacher development and consultant, mentorship development and utilization, academic advisory for athletes, coaching basketball, character development, in particularly among young males, as well as designing male education environments. He is the founder of the Benjamin E. Mays Institute, a seventh and eighth grades all-male academy that existed within the Hartford school system from 1995-2005. During the school years of 1999-2000 and 2000-2001, Mays Institute outperformed the entire Hartford school district on the standardized Connecticut Mastery Test. Even though not funded, Mays Institute was granted state charter school status in 1999.

Mr. Ali was extremely active in the Windsor (Connecticut) school system as well. He served on Windsor High School Parent Teacher Student Association’s Executive Committee, in which he chaired the athletics committee as well as being an active member on the education committee.  Mr. Ali was also academic advisor for the high school’s football team. He was instrumental in strategically planning proctors for study hall (parents of the athletics and education committees), athlete and parent conferences with teachers and guidance counselors, as well as Scholastic Aptitude Test preparatory and tutorial sessions.