• Support and evaluation of school principals
  • Progress Report preparation
  • Recruitment of exemplary teachers and administrators
  • Implementation and staffing of after-school programs
  • Student scheduling
  • Conducting disciplinary student hearings
  • Teacher observations and evaluations

Charter School Support:

We will provide a "superintendent" who will supply all of the services that a district superintendent would offer. Including:

  • Coaching the principal
  • Evaluating the principal
  • Providing monthly reports to the Board of Directors
  • Hiring of administrative staff
  • Insuring alignment of curriculum with the Common Core Standards
  • Devising and monitoring the discipline code
  • Overseeing instructional practice

       In addition:

  • We can help write proposals and renewals
  • Provide professional development for teachers by proven experts in their field
  • Help with budget management
  • Devise curriculum crosswalks
  • Manage afterschool

  • Setting up student academic intervention for those students needing support
  • Professional development for teachers
  • Evaluating the school's current curriculum and aligning it with the Common Core Standards
  • Helping to decide what types of formative and summative assessments should be instituted in order to ensure that school data is collected and used to promote student success